Play Free Novomatic Columbus Online Slots

Aussie players who also enjoy finding out about historical events will very quickly gravitate to the Columbus slots game from Novomatic developers. It is a five-reel, nine-payline game based on the explorer who lends his name to the title, and managed to unite the Spanish old world with the North American new one so long ago.

Players Can Set Sail with Columbus Slots

While his name is recognisable worldwide today, Columbus was by no means an unknown even when he was alive, and his exploits were celebrated as the importance of them gradually became known. Players are able to take part in arguably one of the most important sea voyages in history thanks to Novomatic’s Columbus, and can set sail to a world of riches as filled with promise as the New World must have seemed so long ago.

Symbols and Features Available for Columbus Slots

Players will be working with symbols that bring the explorer to mind at once in the form of the man of the hour himself, Columbus; the gracious Queen Isabella, who’s deep wallet funded his famous trip; a golden necklace, one of the many ostensibly brought back for her majesty by her grateful subject; a sextant which failed the good man but did so in a very profitable manner; and the three ships that bore him across the sea, the Nina; the Pinta; and the Santa Maria. There are also a number of card symbols available for players, including the nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace.

The hero is the substituting wild for the game, able to stand in for all of the other symbols excepting the scatter ships, and he is also the one which is able to afford the highest payout, with five of these symbols unlocking the 20 000-coin standard jackpot in place for the game. The ship scatters will allow the player to enjoy the free spins portion of play.

Players successfully landing the Nina; Pinta and Santa Maria, only possible on the first; third and fifth reels for Columbus, will be awarded with ten free spins. During this portion of play the ships will also behave as additional wilds and scatters, able to retrigger the free spins whenever they land on the first; third or fifth reels again.

Bets for this game can range from low limits of 0.02, making for a minimum wager of 0.18 to highs of 5 credits, allowing for a maximum wager of 45 per spin of the reels.

Players will easily be able to find this game if they wish to, and can take advantage of another excellent addition to the Novomatic catalogue when they do. This company has been hard at work creating the excellent reputation it currently enjoys over the past few years, and players who decide to sit down and enjoy this title will very quickly be able to see for themselves exactly how they have managed to do so. It provides smooth gameplay for an interestingly developed theme, and will please history-buffs and those who can take this subject or leave it alike.