What Are the Advantages of Taking Advice from Tipsters?

There’s no doubt about it- the betting world is a thrilling and potentially lucrative one. Little wonder that sports betting has grown in popularity worldwide, becoming a favourite pastime and leisure activity for many a sports fan. Although research and a touch of strategy can definitely improve the quality of your sports bet, like any wager, the outcome is lays predominantly in the hands of fate.

Success Rates in Betting

Bettors who have managed to become truly successful all share a proven track record. Professional bettors develop their own bespoke betting strategy which they have formulated through trial and error. It’s estimated that the average bettor wins about 48% of their wagers. In order to be profitable, bettors need to win around 54% of their bets. Keep this in mind when you hear of handicappers claiming to hit 80-90% win ratios, the math just doesn’t add up.

It’s important to keep perspective when it comes to taking advice from tipsters, especially if you’re paying for tips or being lured by a claim of a “sure win” bet. There are however advantages of taking advice from tipsters that you may want to consider before ruling them out completely:


  • May be able to leverage inside information from industry contact.
  • Some tipsters are well-known for their betting performance and experience within the industry. This means that they are able to show a proven track record that they’ve built up over a certain period, thus providing credibility.
  • They may be able to access information that may not be widely available to the public.
  • There are tipsters, online guides, webinars and dedicated websites that provide betting advice and tips for free. These can be a great resource of information, especially for new punters and seeing that there is no cost involved in accessing the betting advice, it really doesn’t hurt to try a few tips out.
  • Getting tips from experts and tipsters can save you a lot of time. It’s often simpler and faster to follow the picks provided by the tipster instead of spending the necessary time researching the odds and formulating a strategy on your own. This is a great option for those bettors who really want to make a bet but simply don’t have enough free time to draw their own conclusions through analysis.

Is It Worthwhile Taking The Advice From Tipsters?

Whether taking advice from tipsters is a worthwhile use of your time depends largely on your experience. Some tipsters and betting sites require a paid-for subscription in order for punters to access https://mobilebetting.net.nz/visa/ betting tips and advice, so in this case, it comes down to value. What has your winning ratio been since using the paid-for tips? Chances are you could see an improvement but beware of any paid betting tip subscription service that guarantees instant returns. If it sounds too good to be true- it usually is.

For punters who are not interested in forking out money for tips, the internet remains an excellent compendium of websites where you can find free betting advice, tips and predications. You might have to spend additional time wading through the sheer amount of advice freely available out there, and you definitely want to make sure that it’s coming from a credible source but there’s no harm in testing out a few of the tips yourself.