Reviewing Sphinx Slot by Spielo for Players

The Sphinx Slot by Spielo is an online slot game, available to play now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. The game uses an ancient Egyptian theme, which is a tradition in slot games, and is notable for having a number of interesting bonus games and special features. In terms of graphics and sound design, the game seems a little dated by modern standards, with not especially impressive symbol designs, and a striking lack of music.

The game play, however, is interesting, making the Sphinx Slot by Spielo worth at least a look, only if just to try out some of the intriguing bonus games. Note that the game uses a five reel, nine betting line play system, and allows for adjustment of the betting amount between spins. It also features a gamble mini-game, a system that is becoming more common in modern online games recently, which adds a layer of strategy that is undeniably fun and interesting. Play the game now by searching for it in the appropriate application store, or opening the program directly in a window in an internet browser.

Play Symbols

The play symbols in the Sphinx Slot by Spielo are based around common ancient Egyptian culture, with all the expected designs making an appearance. The most valuable standard symbol is the profile sphinx face, which offers exceptional payouts if matched the maximum amount of times. Some of the least valuable symbols include a red gem, a blue fan, and a set of pyramids.

Note that all symbols may be matched a maximum of five times and minimum of three times, with the five time matching being extremely lucrative with some of the more valuable symbols. In terms of bonus symbols, the game features three, which will trigger the two bonus mini-games. The bonus symbols include a golden sphinx face, a golden coin, and a red coin.

Bonus Mini-Games

The golden sphinx head and gold coin act as wild symbols, and may be matched with any other symbol in order to create matching sequences. These symbols may also, however, match with themselves up to five times, which allows for enormous payouts that are sure to put a smile on the face of any player. In order to activate the mini-game, turn your gaze towards the red coin. The red coin is the scatter symbol in the Sphinx Slot by Spielo, which means it will match with itself regardless of where it lands on the reels.

Once matched, a new window will open and the mini-game will begin. In the first part of the mini-game, the player will be presented with five sarcophagi. The player must select one by tapping or clicking it, and a prize will be revealed beneath, consisting of cash, free spins, or multipliers. If, however, the player reveals the sphinx face, they will go on to the next round of the game. In the second round the player will again be presented with five symbols, this time golden sphinx statues, and the prizes beneath have far more value. Cross your fingers, make a selection, and rake in the loot.