4 Tips for Getting the Best Land-Based Casino Experience Online

Until the introduction of online casino games in the mid 1990’s, land-based casinos were the primary way for gamblers to find a wide selection of real money slot machines, casino table games and other gambling game variations.

When online casinos began to appear soon after the advent of the internet, many players migrated to online gambling platforms and began to delve into the world of virtual games, which are in some ways more versatile than their land-based counterparts.

Some land-based casino enthusiasts may feel that online casino games lack the true spirit of a land-based experience due to their more personal nature. However, players can easily learn to recreate the same land-based casino experience they seek by learning about going online: four tips for getting the land-based experience online.

1. Finding Online Versions of Classic Games

Reputable online casinos and casino software developers often incorporate design elements into their platforms and games to offer their players a land-based experience online. Many software developers have tried to recreate the feel of land-based games by converting the most popular and classic land-based slot machine games for online play, as well as creating wide ranges of lifelike card and table games for online play.

Converted online video slots feature an identical design to their land-based predecessors, but have been updated with features like extra symbols, unique bonus features, 3D graphics and enhanced RTP percentages.

The sound effects featured in these online slots also help to create a buzzing atmosphere akin to that at a land-based casino. When learning about going online: four tips for getting the land-based experience online, players will in most cases be able to find all their familiar and favourite land-based casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack online and the variety of slots games available.

2. Online Promotions and Prize Draws

Prize draws and promotions are regular fixtures at most land-based casinos, with competitions and draws held on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, depending on the casino in question. Online casinos have again recreated the land-based experience online by offering their own regular promotions, giveaways and draws to player account holders.

For those who are curious about going online: four tips for getting the land-based experience online, taking advantage of an online casino’s promotions and competitions will help to recreate a similar experience to that which they would expect from a top land-based casino.

3. VIP Programmes for Online High Rollers

For VIP players, playing at a land-based casino often means use of an exclusive salon prive, as well as attendance from a dedicated casino VIP manager and exclusive promotions and complimentary offers.

Online casino VIP programmes offer much the same services, with special VIP bonuses and promotional offers, giveaways and increased limits on casino games especially for high roller players. Many online casinos even offer their VIP players personal contact with VIP managers, helping to create the same quality and service that VIP casino players would expect when playing at land-based casinos.

4. Loyalty Programmes and Points Systems

Other online casino players will also be able to take advantage of their chosen casino’s loyalty programmes and rewards schemes. When going online: four tips for getting the land-based experience online, players can expect to earn cash prizes, bonuses and loyalty points for regularly playing the casino’s games, just as they would when playing at land-based casinos.

These points will accumulate to award competition entries, prizes and qualification for other promotions, helping to create a familiar rewards system for land-based casino enthusiasts who choose to play online.