Birth of the World Urban Games

SportAccord named the seventeen international Sports Federations which make up the events outlined in the mooted programme for the inaugural World Urban Games. The idea has been to stage this multi-sport spectacle after the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but these have been delayed due to certain unforeseen environmental and economic challenges. The basic plans and agreements for the games nevertheless remains in place.

The multiple international Federations participating in the World Urban Games will, in all likelihood, be joined by additional sporting federations after as the General Assembly escalates implementation. The current sporting Federations have been supplied with the technical manuals and requirements that apply to all sports and all disciplines, and describe the mandates required for participation.

Putting the Games Together

As the World Urban Games, colloquially referred to as World Urban and Beach Games, comes to fruition, spectators will see a mixture of professional sports and urban culture disciplines on the programme, blending the new and old under a new banner.

Traditional sports, such as athletics, cycling, skateboarding, basketball and hockey are included, but each of these sports has been adapted to fit with the fresh young, trendy and urban culture of this new competition. New, modern sporting disciplines such as orienteering, parkour, climbing and air sports will make their appearance at the World Urban Games at

New Games Fresh Competition

The World Urban Games is aimed at a new generation of athletes. The idea is to include modern sports that have become popular on their own, like skateboarding, street dance and urban fistball are also set to be represented. Mooted games that could be introduced are dance, automobile races, mini golf, cheerleading and all the fastest growing games from the inner cities that have gained a cult following.

The World Urban Games is referred to as the Beach Games for a reason. They are set to include eleven different beach sports, ten water sports and two hybrid sports as well. This is targeting the attention of younger athletes and consequently a new and younger generation of spectators too.

The World Urban Games is scheduled to take place over a ten-day period, and adhere to the International Sports Federation, including the Anti-Doping rules. The World Urban games will be spread across four themed city parks within the host city, one of three or four cities that are considering bidding.

A New Sports Betting Market

The other area of economic influence that the World Urban Games will impact is the sports betting market. Sports books are more than happy to meet the requirements of a younger and brasher punter wishing to place a bet online on these highly competitive sports. This multi sports world of the World Urban Games will give many more punters access to a far greater variety of different sports and games, and to a whole new level of engagement at the top online betting sites.

NZ online betting culture has been notable. Sporting betting NZ contests and competitions have been keeping the world entertained  for centuries. The World Urban Games is merely bringing a range of fresh sports and athletes to the attention of the spectators and fans in an environment where the sports are controlled and the ability of the athletes can be appreciated in a proper competitive context.