Funky Monkey Slot Game

Funky Monkey is a classic styled traditional slot. Featuring three reels and only one single payline, Funky Monkey relies on its raw entertainment features for an immersive slots experience.

Inspired around an up beat tempo with a monkey as the main character Funky Monkey slot is themed around a tropical relaxation with some outstanding groovy music.

A fusion of classic old school slot with modern tempo reminiscent of an eighties theme, the game allows for simple-minded entertainment and fun.

Funky Monkey Interface

Funky Monkey is a basic slot offering players pure entertainment. There are no modern elements within the slot that distract from the reel action, which is winning.

Developed by Playtech gaming software, Funky Monkey is limited in customization options as the game only plays across one single payline.

Players opting for Funky Monkey slots game have the functionality of optimizing wagering increments through plus and minus denomination arrows.

Playtech have incorporated wagering increments that range from as little as 0.01 credits to a maximum token value of 5.00 credits

The graphics are basic and entertaining, the reels spin against a tropical scene with the Funky Monkey himself in the upper left corner rocking an established purple suit.

Wagering Tips

Players opting for top rated slots game of Funky Monkey should be aware that the a one single payline structure is more challenging as there is only but one line to achieve winning combinations on. The game does not incorporate multiple paylines or winning ways. New players should attempt Funky Monkey at lower wagered stakes in order to get a feel for the game engine.

Players should be aware that the higher the wagered stakes the more lucrative winnings rewarded in the game.

Funky Monkey Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Funky Monkey are charged with electrifying beats and topical paradise graphics. These symbols include 1BAR, 2BAR and 3BAR logos, a bunch of bananas, a pair of funky sunglasses, straw huts, luscious trees and bongo drums.

Funky Monkey Payouts

The payout table can be seen just above the reels, with various symbols providing higher credit winnings.

Players should be aware that maximised payouts are obtained by staking the highest possible coin value the game offers.

The highest paying symbol is the bongo drums; the luscious tree is the second highest paying symbol with the straw huts following in third position.

The maximum winnings amount on any single spin is 2500 credits respectively. This is obtained by landing three bongo drum symbols on the reels.

Playtech have incorporated BAR symbols in the game and any three Bar symbols on the reels will also provide a payout.

Jumping Into The Funk

To initiate a game of Funky Monkey simply select your coin value and smash the spin button to initiate the funk. Groovy music plays keeping the reel spinning action entertaining.

Funky Monkey slot is uncomplicated and features no deposit microgaming casinos with special wild or scatter symbols alleviating confusing bonus rounds or free spins, which are often found in modern video slot. The minimalist slot offers players a simple reel spinning experience that is entertaining and fun.