Merlins Millions Slot Game

Merlin is well known as the friend and advisor of King Arthur, and has appeared in many films and books. Most recently he has had his own slot game created, and is brought to life as a fully animated 3D model. The Merlins Millions slot game is here, brought to you by acclaimed studio Next Gen. But is it any good, and is Merlin a faithful friend to the player? Let’s find out.

The first thing a player will notice upon starting up the Merlins Millions slot game is Merlin himself, standing to the left of the play area. With classic pointed hat and a dazzling magic staff Merlin will be there for the journey, reacting to the events on the reels, waving to the player, and even helping out where he can. It can’t be denied that the wizard is extremely well animated, and Next Gen studios certainly deserve some recognition for the excellent work. The sound of the game is also excellent, with delightful little touches in every nook and cranny of the game. Press the Super Bet button and listen to the charming xylophone sound effects. But how is the game in terms of actually game play?

Game Play Design

The Merlins Millions slot game uses a standard 5 reel system, but does boast a rather huge number of cricket betting sites line, which is less then standard. There are 50 to be exact, and that spells plenty of winning opportunities for the player. Look a little closer, however, and it becomes clear that the betting lines are not adjustable, which is certainly going to be a disappointment for many players. By default all the betting lines are active all the time, which robs the game of much strategy.

Don’t despair yet, however, as the Super Bet system steps in to add strategy where adjustable betting lines are absent. Click or tap the Super Bet button at the lower right and options will be made available; 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x. But what do these numbers mean? Each number represents how many times wins will be multiplied by, if that win is created with the wild symbol. You would be forgiven for having dollar signs in your eyes upon hearing this. But what’s the catch? The initial betting amount will be increased for each high multiplier, which adds a great deal of risk to the situation, but also a great deal of excitement and fun.

Extra Bonuses

There is one other bonus system in the Merlins Millions slot game worth mentioning. If the scatter symbol, represented by a blue orb, is matched three times, the free games bonus feature will be activated. In this best online casino NZ game, the player is granted 5 free spins, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But that’s not taking into consideration that Merlin will be helping the player out. At the end of each free spins Merlin will randomly transform symbol in the play area into wilds, which is obviously extremely lucrative. It seems it pays to have a powerful wizard friend.