NBA Betting Guide on Basketball Games

NBA or the National Basketball Association is a fan favourite basketball league including teams from America and Canada. The league does not span to countries outside of the American continent but is still a great watch and a great sport to bet on for anybody all over the world.

Types Of Bets

NBA is one of the biggest betting sports currently in the USA, with the sheer number of bets available it can be confusing for a newer bettor to decide where to start. Below we will go over some of the more popular bets available for the NBA that any new bettor should know.

  • Point spread – Point spread or handicap is the most common type of betting in the NBA. This is a simple bet in which you will place a wager on which team you think will win taking the handicap into consideration. Handicaps are convenient in this nature of sports betting as American odds can be complicated at times, handicap bets alleviate the need for odds. Example; Team A -4.5 Vs Team B +5.5 in this scenario team A is the favourite team and expected to win the match, to create a fair bet the handicap is put into place. If you were to bet on team A, they would need to win by 5 points to secure a betting win. If you were to bet on team B, even if losing, they would need to be within 4 points of team A to secure a betting win.
  • Over/Under – Over/Under is an interesting type of bet in which you do not bet on which team will win, only how many points would be scored in total during the game. Your bet will be a simple over or under prediction on a set number of points supplied by the sportsbook. This can be a great bet if you are unsure of the winners in a very close game.
  • Parlays – Similar to the point spread bet, only parlays are inclusive of more than one game. Parlay would be placing a wager for a few specific teams to win in a set of games. The number of games and teams can vary. This is obviously a very high risk bet as even one of the chosen teams losing means the bet is lost, but the payout does justify the risk. Parlay bets are to be reserved for when you are very confident in all of the selected teams.
  • Live betting – Live betting is not a bet in itself, live betting can include all of the bets mentioned above and many more. Live betting in its essence is being able to bet on the game during the game. This allows for a great opportunity to hedge your own bets if something is going against your original plan. It is worth noting that live betting is very risky, you will need great game knowledge to be successful in live betting.

With money management, good knowledge and understanding, anybody can win money betting on the