Nouveau Riche Online Slot By IGT

Nouveau Riche slot by IGT features five reels and twenty paylines for the player to utilise. The art style in Nouveau Riche slot is a cartoon comic style that features eye catching colours and interesting characters that will pull the player in to another time and place.

The name from this slot comes from a phrase that means new money. This is referring to people who, instead of inheriting their fortune from their family, have acquired their grand wealth themselves through entrepreneurship or business sense. This slot is set during the 1920s and 1930s in the America. This was a time when the gap between the people who had and the people that didn’t have was very large indeed. It was a time of the roaring twenties that served as a social awakening for America and saw the implementation of prohibition and the temperance movement. It is also a time that lead into the Great Depression and the most difficult economic period in the history of the country.

Style and Look and Feel

The background of the slot is an artsy drawing of several barren trees standing next to a flowing blue stream. There are smooth rocks on the ground and mostly dirt covering the landscape. The sky is a pale brown colour. Perhaps the stream is mean to represent the wealth and glamour of the twenties with the reality of the depression looming just overhead.

The reels themselves are bordered by an ornate gold trimming with green, red, pink and blue gemstones embedded in it. At the top of the reels, the name of the slot is written in a bold font with blue fading into a gold gradient. Below the slot, the player is presented with information about the slot as well as several ways to adjust their betting and play style. Information presented includes lines, total bet, the player’s win, the player’s total balance, a spin and an auto spin button. The player can change their line bet by using the blue up and down arrows.

Nouveau Riche Slot Symbols

The symbols in slot game reflect the time period of the 1920s in the United States. Symbols include a gold broach with four green emeralds embedded in it, a gold broach with a large blue sapphire embedded in it, and a gold broach with a red rub embedded in it. There are also several female characters that appear as symbols in this slot. These include a red haired woman with a green headband, a blonde woman with a blue headband, and a black haired woman with a pink headband. There are also symbols with Nouveau Riche on them as well as a wild symbol. Finally, there is also a bonus symbol that features a vase and blue flowers.

Nouveau Riche Bonus Features

Bonus features for this game include a free spins feature. In order to activate the free spins feature, the player must get the bonus symbols. The bonus symbol will only show up on reels three, two and one and they must land on an active payline in order for free spins to be activated.