Once For An All Check Review Before Playing La Cucaracha Slot Game

If you thought you would never have feelings of affection for a cockroach, guess again. The La Cucaracha slot game is here to prove that even scuttling insects can be adorable, given the right circumstances. The little creatures will not only be the player’s best friend, but surely also work their way into the player’s heart, making the prospect of spraying a cockroach in the future potentially more difficult.

La Cucaracha is created by Next Gen Games, and, as many have already been guessed, features a theme based around cartoon cockroaches, desert animals, and spicy Latin food. But don’t be alarmed, these cockroaches can be seen wearing sombreros and playing maracas, and are the exact opposite of repulsive. The artist certainly knew what he or she was doing, as the artwork in the game is all round well done. There is perhaps a lack of fitting music, but La Cucaracha is still an all round appealing game in terms of presentation. Lets have a closer look at some of the symbols and their value.

Symbol Designs And Game Play

If you’ve ever had real tequila, you’ll know it comes with a worm floating in the bottle. The most valuable symbol in La Cucaracha makes fun of this fact, showing a glass of tequila complete with a sombrero wearing worm. You’d likely think twice before taking a sip. But, match the humorous symbol the maximum of five times and the massive payout will buy all the tequila you want. The second most valuable symbol is a pair of maracas, followed by a taco and a cactus.

La Cucaracha utilises a 5 reel, 25 betting line system. The betting lines may be raised or lowered between spins, which can be done using the arrows on the user interface. This, of course, offers a load of strategic options to the player, who will quickly find a rhythm as to when more or less betting lines should be used. The real key features of La Cucaracha can be found in the bonus game, which is where the fun loving cockroaches can be found.

Test Your Taste Buds

The first bonus symbol to pay attention to is the guitar playing, maraca shaking cockroach. Look at that face and then say you don’t like cockroaches. Still not? How about if you got 10 free spins with all wins doubled when he appeared on the reels? Match the scatter symbol at least three times and receive a small bonus, as well as 10 instant free spins. And yes, all wins are doubled during a free spins sequence.

The second bonus comes in the form of taste bud torture. Match the chilli symbol three times and a mini-game will be triggered, showing a cockroach standing before three chilli stands. The player must select a chilli stand to sample, which will result in the cockroach delivering some very spicy food. A meter on the right shows how hot the food is, which will also determine how big the bonuses are. The player must try keep the chilli meter below maximum, while still sampling all the chilli stands. An amusing and very lucrative real money Android slots game.