Sizzling 6 Slot by Novomatic Online Review

Sizzling 6 is a classic slot machine game developed by international gaming company, Novomatic. Novomatic was established in 1980 by Austrian billionaire Johann Graf. The company is based out of Austria and over the years has become one of the largest online casino software companies in Europe. Novomatic games can be found at many of the world’s top online casinos. The company provide a variety of online games, including a number of slot machine games which make up the sizzling series. Sizzling 6 is one of the games in this series. Sizzling 6 was developed for slot machine players who are looking for an interesting twist to a classic slot machine game.

Gameplay and Symbols in Sizzling 6

Sizzling 6 got its name because of its 6 reels.  This is an unusual number of reels for a slot machine to have, with most classic slots consisting of only 5 reels. Also uncommon, is the number of pay lines in the game. There are only 5 pay lines in Sizzling 6. Bets range from £0.01 per pay line up to £4 per payline, or alternatively, up to a maximum of £20 per spin if one activates all 5 of the pay lines. The wide NBA betting Australia range allows players to play merely for fun or to bet higher stakes on the game.

The symbols in Sizzling 6 are fruit-based and simplistic in appearance, similar to the symbols used in the other games in the Sizzling series. The regular symbols include Oranges, Grapes, Plums, Watermelons, Lemons and Cherries. These are accompanied by 7’s.  As in other classic slot machine games, the 7’s are the highest valued symbols in Sizzling 6. If a player manages to land 6 of these symbols in a pay line they can win up to 10,000,000 coins. This is in contrast to the Cherries and the Lemons, which are the lowest valued symbols as 6 of these symbols on a pay line will only reward the player with a maximum of 200,000 coins.

Extra Features in Sizzling Six

As in the case of most classic slot machines, Sizzling 6 does not offer any bonus features or bonus games. There are, however, two special symbols included in the game. The Joker features as the game’s wild symbol and if it appears will substitute for any other symbol, except for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in Sizzling 6 is the Star. The Star will award the player with pay outs from any position on the screen. In addition to this, 6 of the Star symbol landing on a pay line can potentially reward the player with up to 400,000 coins. While this is not as much as the 7 symbol pays out, it is substantially more than the lowest valued symbols in the game.

Sizzling 6 also features a gamble feature, which is common in Novomatic slot machines. This gamble feature can be used to gamble winnings after every winning spin. If players choose to gamble their winnings, then the screen will show a facedown card alternatively flashing red and black, with a red button on one side of it and a black button on the other. The player will have to select which button to push and if the card stops flashing on the same colour as they have picked then the winning which have been gambled will be doubled. If your choice does not match the colour of the card, however, the player will lose their winnings.