The Flinton Cup Horse Racing Event Overview

The Anzac Flinton Cup Open is the feature event in a day of country races that honours Anzac Day, and is an important social and cultural event for the local community of Flinton. It takes place in April, is run over 1,200 metres and has a total purse of 11,000.00 Australian Dollars. There are no class, race or sex restriction on the online horse racing betting handicap event, and it is also open to apprentices. It’s a great race to enjoy and bet on without pressure, and the practice will stand punters in good stead for bigger events on the Australian racing calendar.

Anzac Day

The Flinton Cup could not be held in honour of a more auspicious occasion; this is a national day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia. It was originally created to honour the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) members who fought against the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli during World War One and has now expanded to honour all who served and died in conflicts, wats and peacekeeping operations anywhere in the world. It is observed on April 25 every year, with several sporting events, ceremonies and celebrations.

This date is the anniversary of the first campaign that led to major Anzac casualties, and the day is a rare example of two sovereign countries sharing one commemorative day, with the names of both in the title. The goodwill and respect of the day comes through in all its surrounding events, including the Cup.

The Big Event

The Flinton Cup is run on the course at the Flinton Race Club, in the small Queensland town itself. There are 4 other races on the card for the day, of different lengths and handicaps, which can also all be claimed by apprentices. Punters should use this Cup as a practice ground for bigger meets, since the same issues need to be considered and the same kinds of bets can be placed.

Starting out with simpler wagers, they can progress to the more exotic offerings as their insights and confidence improves. As always, recent past performances of both horse and rider should be checked out, as well as their performance as a team. Special note should be taken of how they handle the distance of the specific race being run, as well as any reliable tips that are discovered and the weather and turf track conditions. Fashions on the Field events and other live entertainment should round off the day well for everyone.

Visiting Flinton is always enjoyable, but it is also possible to wager online. When using online bookies, it’s best to register with a few that you really trust so that you can take advantage of the best offers and odds on the day.

More to do in Flinton

Many farms surround the town of Flinton, and taking in the picturesque surrounds is a good way for visitors to while away an afternoon. There are also several restaurants and accommodation options available, which make it possible for visitors with every kind of budget to soak up the quiet pace of life. For a well-earned rest punctuated by some break-neck racing action, Flinton and the Flinton Cup certainly deliver and are well worth investigating.