Weirdest Entertainment Betting Markets

Entertainment betting has grown from mostly just some fun or joking bets to a huge betting industry itself. This growth does not stop some of the bets from being downright strange. Entertainment betting has everything you could think of to bet on and more. At times it’s more surprising how they came up with the bets than the surprising nature of the bet itself. Below we will look into some of the more strange bets that are available.

End Of The World

This is by no means new, but a strange one indeed. In the end of the world bet you would place a wager with the prediction if the world is going to end by a certain date. These bets have come and gone in the past with more participants losing their little contribution in a light-hearted manner. One would think that the end of the world bets are tied to a specific occurrence like the 2012 end of the world predictions that came and went, but that’s not the case.

End of the world bets seem to come on an almost annual basis allowing you to predict our doom. While this bet is great in theory, it does leave some interesting questions surrounding how one would be paid out in an end of the world scenario or what would be considered an end of the world scenario to begin with. Regardless of the negatives, a bet on the end of the world is a great story to tell and bound to get more than a few questions.

Intelligent Life

One of the greatest questions to man is asking if we are indeed alone in the universe and if any other potential life is intelligent. If you have a theory, there is a bet for you! Betting on the arrival of intelligent life to earth may seem a bit far-fetched notion, but that has not stopped people from betting on it yet.

Death Pools

More specifically, celebrity death pools are not only morbid but a surprisingly popular choice for entertainment betting platforms the world over. Its puzzling what may actually give people an inclination to decide which celebrities are going to die this year. That aside, the odds are actually quite favourable and worth considering if you have a particular guess lined up.

The Royal Family

While this is to be somewhat expected, the level of depth to some of these bets is surprising to say the least. Bets like the colour of the Queens hat at certain events and certainly a large role in the death pool have become prominent bets on a lot of major entertainment betting platforms.

Final Thoughts

Entertainment bets are made for fun but at the end of the day are still betting. When partaking in entertainment betting it is important to try and find value in your bets and stick to your bankroll as well as is possible. Research well not as prevalent as in sport betting, will still go a long way in helping you make the best of your bets