WMS Casino Presents Raging Rhino Slots Online

Raging Rhino slot by WMS Gaming features six reels and four thousand and ninety six ways to win. Raging Rhino slot features cartoon imagery with bright, vibrant colours that reflect the beauty and majesty of the African jungle and Serengeti.

Behind the reels, the player can see a lush jungle scene. There are various fern plants and broad-leafed plants with stunning red flowers growing beside them. The trees are slightly obscured by a thick blanket of mist that is permeating from the jungle floor and highlighted by the golden glow of the newly rising sun. There is a large blanket of wispy clouds that is covering the whole scene and they reach high into the bright blue sky. The background is very well done and it helps to transport the player to the wilds.

The reel itself is sea foam green with a metallic border surrounding it. At the top of the reel, the player can see the name of the slow, Raging Rhino, in a font that fades from a light orange to a burnt orange in a fading gradient. At the bottom of the slot, below the reels, the player is presented with a rather simple spread of information and options for adjusting their game. There is an info button, an auto spin button, the number of ways a player is able to win, the player’s total bet, the player’s win and a spin button. There is also a bet multiplier. This bet multiplier can be adjusted by using the up and down arrows.

Raging Rhino Slot Symbols

The symbols for this slot highlight the slot’s ties to the wild with the use of various animals that one would find in that environment. The player will also recognise some traditional slot symbols that come from a deck of cards. These card symbols include a green nine, a red ten, a blue jack with a flag, a yellow queen with a crown, an orange king with a crown, and a pink age with a diamond in the middle of it. The animals that serve as symbols in this slot include a white fish eagle with a yellow beak, a green crocodile with its mouth open, a yellow leopard with black spots, a Silverback gorilla, and the most imposing symbol on this slot, a majestic rhino with two large horns and very, very stern expression on its face. There is also a sunset scene that serves as a symbol along with a diamond.

Raging Rhino Bonus Features

This top British Colombia online casino slot also has bonus features that the player can take advantage of. One of the biggest bonus features is the free spins feature which an enjoyable game of online bingo doesn’t have. In order to trigger this feature, the player must get the diamond symbol to appear on the reel. If the player gets three of the diamond symbols, they are awarded with eight free spins. If the player gets four of the diamond symbols, they are awarded with fifteen free spins. If the player gets five diamond symbols, they are awarded with twenty free spins. If the player gets six of the diamond symbols, they are awarded with fifty free spins.