Creature From The Black Lagoon Online Slots

Net entertainment’s online slot game will immediately captivate players with the dramatic opening sequence from the 1954 movie about a jungle monster and the team of scientists sent to find it.

This online slot will not fail to entertain. It offers great bonus features and integrates the movie theme with gripping gameplay and plenty of graphics from the original film.

Exploring The Theme

Any player interested in 1950s horror movies will resonate with the styling and attention to detail in this game.

The creature from black lagoon is ever present and one feature gives the players opportunities to shoot it for increased wins. Quotes from the film are interspersed through the game and the scientists and femme fatale, Kay, are all symbols on the reels. These symbols include graphic representations of all the characters in the original film as well as a camera, oxygen tank, binoculars and a knife

The theme tune, deceptively calm, filters through the speakers while the game is being played building up to a full-orchestra crescendo when the free Spins game is activated.

Understanding The Options

Creature From The Black Lagoon slots like online slots NZ is fairly straightforward as far as the basic gameplay goes; it’s a 5 reel 20 payline game with the options for players to choose the coin value and place bets. Players can use the controls to increase or decrease coin value, spin and place maximum bets.

The difference in this game is the Wilds. There are Wild and Free Spins symbols clearly labelled with their own special animated features. The Wild in in a turquoise box and seems to burst out of its confines, while the Free Spin symbol floats among the bubbles of the creepy lagoon.

There are different Wilds in this game; regular wilds, which can be swapped for most of the symbols; Sticky Wilds and Spreading Wilds. The latter two are there to increase your wins in the Free Spins rounds.

When players get three Free Spin symbols on a spin, they are rewarded with free spins, these free spins increase according to the number of Free Spin symbols on the reels. When players unlock this feature there is a great vignette of the strange fish- like creature emerging to abduct the beautiful Kay. You have the opportunity to shoot the creature with a harpoon and increase payouts and free spins according to the creature’s health meter. This side bonus game keeps things exciting and can really help players to accumulate some nice wins.

The Gist Of The Game

The ten bet level 20 payline options are the basic online casino slots game options the player has to choose in order to make the most of this 5 reel slot. The original movie was projected for audiences in the then revolutionary 3d format, and moviegoers got special glasses to watch the thrilling action unfold. This game has all that excitement of the original film, but players can access it on their own screens and have the added bonus of potential wins. This game is supported by most platforms and can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile.