Glossary for Slots Players to Take Note Of

Slots games have a particular set of words which they make use of, and players who take the time to learn the basics of this vocabulary will have a much easier time of it when it comes to playing these games at the various online casinos which offer Irish players access.

They are not a particularly difficult set of words for players to commit to memory, and will ease the way to players getting a handle on these charming casino games sooner rather than later.

  • Bet

This refers to the amount of money which the player has decided to wager on the Slots machine game in question.

  • Bet Max

This usually refers to a button on the Slots game console that will automatically place the highest possible wager on behalf of the player, without him or her having to manipulate those governing coin denomination or coin amount.

  • Bonus Feature

This refers to an additional Slots game feature that allows players to pad his or her pockets in different ways.

  • Classic Slots

These are the traditional versions of these games that are typically comprised of 3 reels. The number of pay lines available and the provision of any Bonus features will vary from game to game.

  • Coins per Line

This refers to the amount of coins the player may bet on each of the Slot machine game’s pay lines.

  • Coins per Spin

Distinct from the Coins per Line in that it represents the total amount of coins Bet on each of the Slot machine game’s spin. Thus, a Slots game with 5 Coins per Line bet, on 3 pay lines, will have a Coins per Spin bet of 15.

  • Fixed Jackpot

This refers to the top prize for a Slots machine game, and is an amount that is not able to decrease or increase.

  • Fruit Machines

This is the name used to refer to Slot machine games in the United Kingdom, most commonly presented with Nudge and Hold features for players to make use of.

  • Hit Frequency

This is how often a Slot machine game lands a winning combo.

  • Jackpot

This is the top prize which players are able to work towards in a Slot game.

  • Multi Line

This is a Slots machine game that offers players more than 1 pay line.

  • Pay Line

This is the line on which the symbols provided need to line up in order for the player to receive a payout.

  • Payout Percentage

This is the rate at which payouts are made by a Slot machine.

  • Progressive Jackpot

This is a certain kind of jackpot: it keeps growing every time a player places a bet on the machine, no matter where in the world he or she may be located. A small amount of this bet goes to funding the jackpot, and this will keep on progressing until a lucky player takes the total.

  • Reels

These are virtual barrels on which the symbols for the Slots machine game are located. These reels spin, and, when they come to a stop, reveal any payouts the player may have been able to win.

  • Scatter Pay

This is a type of randomly awarded Bonus payout found in Video Slot machine games. These are able to activate another Bonus game or Feature for the player to enjoy.

  • Stacked Wilds

This is the positioning of Wild symbols on top of one another on a Slot machine game’s reels.

  • Symbols

This is the word used for the images on the Slot machine game’s reels.

  • Wild Symbol

This is an elected symbol in the Slots game that is able to stand in for all of the others in use for the game in order to help the player form winning combinations on his or her pay lines.

  • Wild Multipliers

These are wild symbols which are also able to multiply any winnings they are able to form by substituting for the necessary symbols required.

  • Winning Combinations

These are the manners in which a player is able to win during a Slots machine game, and refer to the grouping of symbols along the game’s reels.

Opening a Real Money Online Casino Account

Players will find it a very easy process to open a Real Money account, and the matter will be accomplished after a very quick, user-friendly process has been completed.

The first decision which needs to be made is whether or not to download the software or engage in Instant Play versions of games. These download packages are very small, and generally allow for more player choice in terms of game title and type, but online casinos are well aware of the space constraints most players are dealing with, and will provide entertainment for those who cannot afford to cede.

Next up the player will need to choose between Practice or Free Mode games or their Real Money versions such as real money pokies.

Creating an account with which to enjoy Real Money Slots games will require that the player select the button describing this, and then choosing the Create Account button thereafter. The required fields will then need to be filled out, the online casino’s particular terms and conditions agreed to, and then the Create button selected. The account will now activate, and the player will be able to take one more step towards boosting his or her bankroll with the enjoyable Slots play on offer.

Funding a New Online Casino Account

Players will need to fund their new accounts in order to start playing the Slots games they wish to and enjoying the winnings they may be able to garner, and this is very easily done. Players will navigate to the Cashier section of the website, and select the deposit method which they prefer.

A good array of these will be provided, all of which offer players the latest and greatest 128-bit data-encryption technology that has become an industry-standard. Once the appropriate steps have been followed, clicking Deposit will send the player a confirmation method that the money is available to them.