Discover Slot Heaven and Win some Jackpots

There are great slots and bonuses and much more at Slots Heaven. This casino offers players a very unique neon theme that has a nineteen eighties vibe. There are several types of games besides just slots that are on offer at Slots Heaven.

These mobile casino Australia games include, as one would expect, a wide variety of video slots. In addition, there are also table games available such as blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker. If the player is interested in scratch cards, those are also available at Slots Heaven. The games on this site are run on Playtech software.

Playtech is an online gambling software company that has been operating since nineteen ninety nine. They are a trusted software provider and create all different types of gaming software for online poker, online casinos, sports betting online and mobile games, online bingo games and arcade games. Playtech software is one of the reasons there are great slots and bonuses and much more at Slots Heaven.

Operation Restrictions

Due to the laws put in place by different governments in different countries around the world, there are certain places where Slots Heaven is not available to players. These countries include Spain, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Estonia, France, Denmark, Cyprus, the United States of America and Bulgaria. If a player is living in one of these countries, they are not able to access the games available on Slots Heaven. Other countries not list can enjoy great slots and bonuses and much more at Slots Heaven.

Available Games

Slots Heaven has a multitude of online games available to players. In fact, there are great slots and bonuses and much more at Slots Heaven. In addition to the classic games that one would expect in an online casino, such as the aforementioned Canadian online slots, Slots Heaven also has games like roulette, a large number of dice games and numerous additional card games. Pai gow, online baccarat for real money and several additional black jack variants are available for the player to enjoy.

What’s more is Slots Heaven have also tried to create the experience of going to a brick and mortar casino while staying in the online space. There is nothing quite like the glitz and lights that come along with a brick and mortar casino, but one of the most important aspects of these establishments is the ability for players to play against other real life players. While playing against a computer can be fun and challenging, playing against a human can really increase the intensity of the game.

Slots Heaven has actually set up this scenario for players in the digital space by broadcasting live dealers from a studio they have set up. This is yet another reason there are great slots and bonuses and much more at Slots Heaven. Games available for this feature include baccarat, blackjack and even roulette. The rules of these games are the same as if the player was standing right next to the table, and they have implemented ways of player’s interacting with the game as it happens. The combination of these factors can make for a very immersive and exciting experience for the player.