Playing Cell phone Video Slot Games

Most Australian mobile pokies games can be played on many types of cell phones as long as their software is compatible with the various operating systems. Both free play video slot games and those played for real money are available with a variety of downloadable applications or they may be available directly in the cell phone’s web browser. It is not hard to find a good and compatible cell phone video slot game as most cell phone casinos offer a large selection for a variety of different cell phones.

Free Cell Phone Video Slot Games

A free cell phone video slot game can be played by using a no deposit bonus which most cell phone casinos offer. This allows for a few free practice rounds before making any real money deposits. There are also many free video slot games that can be played purely for entertainment purposes by downloading the specific video slot game. These don’t necessarily require a data connection in order to play but many of the video slot game’s features or the large variety of video slot games that cell phone casinos provide may not be available with this option.

Real Money Video Slot Games

A compatible cell phone allows a cell phone video slot game to be played the same way as any real money online video slot is played. An account needs to be opened at the casino, deposits need to be made, bets must be placed and the reels can then be spun. The same game and bonus features are available like free spins, video slot bonuses, authentic special effects and all other aspects of graphics and game play. The only major differences are the smaller screen and mobility. Progressive jackpots can also be played by using a cell phone.

Types of Compatible Cell Phones

Different cell phones use different operating systems which makes it important to be sure if the choice of the cell phone video slot game is the best option for the type of cell phone. Cell phone casino sites and software generally have a wide range of compatible options especially for iPhones and androids as these are the leading brands. Smartphones including Nokia’s and Blackberry devices also have a selection of compatible video slot games as well as cell phones that work on Java.

The Best Cell Phone Casinos

Whether playing a cell phone video slot game for free or for real money it is always vital to use only the best recommended cell phone casinos to ensure optimal quality and safety. The reputable Canadian casinos will have the correct licencing and offer a good level of customer support. Various reputable cell phone casinos require either the video slot games to be played in the web browser, the video slot games to be downloaded individually or some have their own downloadable applications to access the entire casino from. In order to select the best cell phone video slot game it is important to select the most suitable platform. Welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins are offered by many of the better cell phone casinos. Many bonuses can be claimed before making any real money deposits.