Learn More About The Most Popular Golf Bet Types

You may not know it, but there are many ways to wager on your favourite game, player, or tournament when it comes to Golf. And the days of being limited to trying to predict the winner are long behind us! These days, wagering on Golf in a host of different ways is a veritable parade of money-making opportunities.

Futures Bets

These wagers are not decided just before an event begins. Instead, they can take weeks or even months to decide, with the most popular version in Golf being the FedEx Cup Winner. It’s a simple bet and the payoffs can be great because it becomes more difficult to correctly predict something the longer ahead of time it happens.

Head to Head Matchups

These wagers are not just a lot of fun. They are also a wonderful way to see good returns if you’ve got a strong read on how particular players are going to do.

For this market, bookmakers choose two golfers and you pick who you think will win out of the pair. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the tournament, or how these two named players fare on the field in terms of anyone else. All that counts is what the final score between them looks like.

You will find Head to Head Matchups for individual rounds and overall tournaments.

Proposition Bets

Prop wagers are made on whether or not something will happen, or how many times it will if it does, during a round or tournament. There are many different types, but they can be classified broadly as Skilled and Unskilled, although this is not how bookmakers sort them!

Unskilled Prop bets are those that don’t require any particular skill on your part to predict and can be a lot of fun. So you could, for example, wager on whether or not a hole-in-one will happen during a tournament or whether the winning Golfer will kiss their partner on the 18th green!

Skilled Prop bets are the ones that ask you to utilise your expertise and knowledge of the game to win. Here you could see examples like whether or not there will be X amount of birdies on a particular hole. You could weigh in on the weather conditions, how skilled specific golfers will be that week, or how the hole is lending itself to players that day. While these examples may look like unskilled Prop bets initially, give them a closer look and you’ll see that there is a lot of information you could gather to make a better-informed decision.

To Win Wagers

These are the best-known bets in any sport, where you’re asked to choose which player you think will win a particular round or tournament.

Versus the Field Wagers

These will usually become available during the later parts of a tournament when there is a clear favourite to win who is miles ahead of everyone else. You’re being asked to bet on whether or not that player will take the cup.