The Most Popular Cricket Bets Explained

Cricket is by far one of the top choices worldwide when it comes to wagering. This is due to its format, be it One-Day, Test, or Twenty20, is almost perfect. It makes a myriad of markets available, ranging from those which depend on pure luck to ones where your knowledge impacts the result of your bet.

First Over Total Runs

This wager deals with how many runs get scored during the first over. You will have two options, predicting that the actual amount will be Over or Under the one set by your bookmaker.

The Top Match Batsman

 When you place this wager, you’re putting money down on which batsman will score the most runs for one of the teams involved in the game. Both squads’ batsmen are taken into consideration and it’s usually a good idea to wager on players who’ve performed well in the past.

As you might expect, though, these athletes will be the ones offered with the lowest odds as well. So, if you win, your payoff will be much lower than if you bet on someone with an outside chance.

If two or more players have exactly the same number of runs when the game is over then Dead Heat rules will apply. This means that if there are two Top Batsmen with the same number of runs, your expected winnings will be divided in half. So you’ll basically collect on half of your original stake.

The Top Team Batsman

 The only difference between this market and Top Match Batsmen is that you’ll be wagering on the team of the player to score the most runs. Not an individual athlete.

The Top Team Bowler

 If you decide to bet on the Top Team Bowler, you’re wagering on how many wickets will be taken by a specific bowler. If there are two or more players with the same number of wickets taken then the winner will be the one who conceded the least number of runs. Should this not reveal the winner, the Dead Heat rules will apply.

Again, it’s a good idea to wager on bowlers who’ve got a proven track record for this bet, but you must weigh this against the fact that odds will be lower for them.

 To Win the Match

The simplest, most straightforward bet in most sports but slightly more complicated when it comes to Cricket. We urge you to check with your sportsbook regarding how matches will be settled before you choose to place this wager.

This is because of the possibility of a draw in Test Matches and ties in One-Day games. The draw will generally be one of the possible outcomes you can wager on for Test games, but a tie may also mean that you’ll get your money back.

Usually, though, the rule is that if the team that you bet on turns out to be the match-winner as determined by the official rules for the competition, then you’ll be the winner as well.