Sports Betting Strategy That You Need to Use

Sports betting has a long history of people trying to find some way to beat the system. From the Martingale system to divine intervention, there is always a new way to try and make money in sports betting. While few of these strategies have proven to make money time and time again, today we will discuss one of the few that has yielded positive results on most tests it has been put through. The Proportional betting strategy.

Proportional Betting Strategy

The proportional betting strategy in itself is quite simple. You only make bets with a certain percentage of your total bankroll. As the bankroll goes up or down, stick to your chosen percentage. Let’s make a quick example.

Your total bankroll is $1000 and you decide each bet should be worth 10%. Your first bet in this case would be worth 100$. If we assume you are betting on a wager with  1:1 odds, upon winning your total bankroll would be $1100, the next bet you take should remain at 10% making your wager $110. While odds and amounts will change from bet to bet, always stick to your chosen percentage.

Pro’s And Cons Of Proportional betting


  • Good habit – Proportional betting is great at setting up good habits for any bettor. Temptation to increase betting amounts will be great when you feel positive about a potential win. It is our job as bettors to keep ourselves in check and stick to our prescribed bankroll and betting allowances.
  • Bankroll protection – The 10% given in the example is on the higher side of a percentage you should use, often bettors will settle for a 2% or 3% bet. This is a great way to protect your bankroll in the event of an unfortunate series of losses.


  • Frustration – As we build habits, it can become frustrating to know that a bet you were confident in could have made a lot more money than it did with your limited betting size.
  • Return – While proportional betting is safer than many other strategies, it is also slower. Using this strategy with solid bets is almost a grantee to make money, but the speed of the money coming in is limited by your bet size.


Like most strategies in sports betting, this is only to aid you in betting with the right amount of money. This, in no way tells you on what you should bet. At the end of the day your research and decisions will be the most important factor in your betting success.

As with all sports betting, research will go a long way in getting your wins. Be sure to do all of the appropriate research and use that to make the best bets you can. Lastly, be sure to look for the value in your bets, great bets can be undone with unfavourable value.