Strategy for Better Horse Racing Betting

So, are you looking to get a little better at betting on the ponies? Or is there a big race on the horizon and you want to figure out how to make a savvy wager rather than just spewing money out wildly? Whatever category you may fall into, our experts have got what you are looking for!

Check the Horse’s History

As always when it comes to betting, you will need to do some research on the animal you intend to stake on. What should you be looking for? You’d be surprised by how much! The most obvious is the horse’s experience and their record. Have they, for example, ever performed at the track in question before? Did they win? How have they fared in their past few races?

Then you will need to have a look at the horse’s condition. Have they been overworked recently, or have they enjoyed the rest they need? Have they entered any competitions lately or has it been a while since they last appeared on the track? Has the horse been injured? Is the animal healthy?

Review the Horse’s Style

No, not that kind of style! What kind of runner they are. Do they sprint off the line and then fall off late? Do they wait until the end of the track before they hit their full stride? Or are they pacers who keep up a steady speed around the whole track? Understanding exactly how they run is vital when trying to determine the level of success they may achieve.

Don’t Be Attached to Tips at the Track

You are going to run into a lot of people who claim to be experts when it comes to Horse Racing and these folks will claim to have insider tips or even knowledge of a completely sure thing. Sadly, this doesn’t exist, unless someone is cheating so take this kind of advice with the enormous pinch of salt it deserves. If whoever’s spouting this information is so sure about it, why are they not cashing in on their secret information?

Jockey Experience is Important

Horse Racing is vastly different to Greyhound Racing mainly because of the existence of jockeys. And, for some reason, many novice bettors ignore this fact, pouring all their time and energy into researching the horse and forgetting how important a role the rider plays.

There are several things that you will need to look for when you are researching a jockey, the first being their history. Do they have many wins under their belts, and have they been successful in any races of late? Are they in good shape? This is important because any added weight will make a big difference to how the horse and its rider perform. And have they been active lately or are they coming off a break?

A good jockey can turn a Horse Race into something akin to a miracle and is as important to his animal as a good conductor is to an orchestra.