The Best UFC Bets that You Can Place

Wagering flexibility lets you leverage more definite predictions about how fights will go and this only earns you more money.

Over/Under Round Stakes

Over/Under bets are popular with Ultimate Fighting Championship fans. They allow you to wager on when you think the bout will finish. So, in a three-round fight, you could stake that everything will be concluded in less than 2.5 rounds.

Whether a winner is declared by decision, knockout, submission, or technical knockout is irrelevant. As long as everything is over by the mark set, you’ll win. If you went with Over, you’ll need the clash to conclude at anything past the 2:31 mark of the third round.

Pairing Complementary Wagers

You are certainly not limited to staking just once on a UFC fight and can make as many bets as you like. You can even cover the possibility of your original wager losing by hedging your stake if you want to! Placing stakes that support one another is a great option and one that is often neglected by even the most on-the-ball bettor.

For example, we’ll say that in an upcoming bout you think that George Sotiropoulos is going to knock Matt Serra clean out early on. Why just bet on Sotiropoulos to win? You can wager on him to win, stake that he will do so by knockout, and bet that he’ll get all of this done in under 2.5 rounds. That way you’re looking at a hefty return if you’re right! And at least one of your selections will likely hit the mark, so you’re covered.

Prop and Victory Bets

Proposition wagers are the collection of random stakes that don’t fall into any of the categories already mentioned, and Victory bets are a type of Prop stake. They’re bets here something is proposed by the bookmaker and you are wagering on whether or not this thing will happen.

These stakes often don’t have any impact on which way the bout is going to go, although this isn’t always the case. But you can still win even if your fighter didn’t manage to come up trumps in the ring.

For example, you could bet on Mark Hunt throwing more jabs. This wager has nothing to do with how the fight ends and, even if Hunt loses, if he throws more jabs than his opponent did, you’ll win. Even if things end up with Hunt being KO’d, you may still collect if he threw more punches before this happened!

The most popular prop stake by far is the Victory bet, which obviously does rely on how the bout ends. So, if you think things are going to be decided by submission, you could stake on that. Typically, these wagers are attached to a specific fighter, so you would actually be staking that a certain person will win by submission.

Other prop stakes include examples like Anthony Perosh lasting until the third round, for instance, Fight of the Night, and even Performance of the Night.